Aubree's Review of Tendrils

by Holly Barbo

Where what if becomes what is. That sums this collection up perfectly. These short snippets of Holly Barbo’s imagination is why I love her. Tendrils showcases fourteen stories all of which I enjoyed. It would be very difficult to review each and every story in this collection, so I’ve decided to focus on The Crystal Snowflake.
Spies and intrigue lace the pages of The Crystal Snowflake. When the car of a good friend and computer genius of Chayse’s is found burned out, she suspects the world is in jeopardy. Intent on protecting the world from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, Orion developed the worst worm imaginable in order to discover a way to stop it. With Orion presumed dead and the corrupt flash drive missing, it is up to Chayse to find the missing snowflake and save the world from utter chaos.
Spellbound and not knowing which character I should trust, kept me involved and on the edge of my seat until the end. Barbo loves to weave real world headlines into stories, I can only pray will never come to fruition. Five stars for this gripping suspense.


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