Aubree's Review of Brothers of the Night

by Linda Lee Williams


Brothers of the Night is book four of the Blood & Company Series by Linda Lee Williams. Books 1-3 sucked me in and I had no choice but to find out what became of the Slater family in this final chapter.

This special vampire family saga is full of love and flour. Not what you would expect from your typical bloodthirsty vampire tale. If you want guts and gore this is not the story for you. Instead, Linda Lee Williams builds a bakery full of delicious smells and warm bread while constructing a flawed family who loves deeply, but who is capable of making some colossal errors in judgement.

Herschel, Stefan, and Ambrose, are three blood drinking, handsome vamps struggling to build solid relationships with their non-vamp wives. Romance at its finest, the men are misunderstood and their women, long-suffering. Does love conquer all? I won’t spoil the fun, but when I turned the final page, I was filled with satisfaction and disliked that it was the end. If the author changes her mind and decides to write book five, I will be the first one to one-click.

Thank you Linda Lee Williams for bringing me hours and hours of enjoyment.


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